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- Jimmy: Robbie Gee

- Tyson: Malcolm Kamulete

- Sunday: Femi Ogunjobi

- Josiah: Jason Yorke

- Funmi: Weruche Opia

- David: CJ Beckford

                     HAIRCUT (2018)

A middle aged barber dreams of escaping his rough area and becoming a Dancehall star, but an encounter with a local drug runner brings up uncomfortable truths about his past and makes him consider his importance in the community.



- Producer: Joy Gharoro-Akpojotor

- DoP: Joel Honeywell

- Editor: Jim Page

- Production Design: Phoebe Platman

- Costume: Ruka Johnson

- Production Manager: Maryam Makhamid

- Casting Director: Isabella Odoffin

- Sound: Max Lipscombe

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